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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

Grade: A+

Finally, Finally, Finally I saw this and due to work just getting to here. Saw it at 12:03am with a packed house and they were lining up for a 3am as well.

As noted by nearly everyone that's seen it you will just NOT see 2-3 moments from the Hulk coming. They just happen and the audience loves it each time. He says something during one of them but we missed it.

Very pleased with both female roles in the film but cause it's Joss Whedon not surprised. It's one reason he got the job. Also, cause it's Whedon and his fans know him I wasn't totally shocked when

The matter of the Captain America trading cards was indeed a manipulative move considering what Fury had to do to present them as he did. They got a push indeed.

Evans was great again as Captain America. I liked seeing a brief shot of the thaw out scene finally. Again, nice comic roots acknowledgement without being cheesy. Some good lines for him not seen in trailers. The line of "flying monkeys" and "hey, that one I get", nice nod to his era. The pointed note that it's 3 weeks later since the end of Cap and for him and his viewpoint the War is still going on. I liked his line in Germany when Loki is there.

Thor was awesome again as well. Why he doesn't wear his battle helmet when Loki does still is my biggest peeve. I don't want to hear "it'll look silly" either. Look at that cast, don't tell me his winged helmet is less an issue than Cap's helmet, Loki's horns or anything else.

I must say I really liked how they handled Clint Barton and I'm not his biggest fan. The way his quiver and/or bow would hold certain points and he'd manipulate by control on the bow which point he got for the shaft. The way he also realistically ran out and what he did when that happened. The in story reason he's Hawkeye. He likes to sit up high, like a hawk, and survey what's going on. His actual Agent nickname seems to be Hawk before he suits up and Black Widow starts calling him Hawkeye.

Moving to Black Widow--I don't care but there was more than enough backstory elements dropped that I want a BW solo film. It could be a two-fer cause Clint clearly has a role to play in her backstory as well. It could be a good support role at least with BW still being the lead. I sat next to a heftyier gal and during the Loki/BW manipulation scene she lowly said to her friend, "Were the two "from behind" angles that necessary?" I wanted to say, YES, YES they were!!

Hulk--rocked it. He is without a doubt the scene stealer several times over. With Ruffalo on a 6 picture deal we are no doubt getting another solo Hulk film. If he gets fleshed out and can grow with the character via cameo's in another film or two then I think he's very ripe for that solo film. Assuming they keep the characterization on this upward momentum path.
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My inner Hulk fan was fully pleased in almost every way.

I was really surprised at just how much Paltrow had to do as Pepper Potts in this. I know in a 2.5hr film her under 10 min of screen time isn't a Support Role but it's not a cameo either. She had probably, what, 5-7min. Also, what did she say to Coulson in the elevator as that scene ended. I felt it might have been an easter egg. Or maybe since they dropped the LDM in that scene I was hoping for another. The Jane Foster head shot still from Thor, now that was a cameo. Was looking for a Liv Tyler nod at some point, did anyone catch if that was in any paperwork or monitors?

Someone said they felt sympathy towards Loki and didn't see him as menacing. The last part is open to opinion I guess but the first part is spot on, that's a large part of what makes him a great foe. Casting Hiddlestone really sells the character, they did well by finding him.
Also, glad at the the nod to the comic Avengers but having Hulk indeed manipulated by Loki, if briefly.

The mid-credit reveal was indeed great.

The end-end credits

Loved all the banter, the dialogue was fantastic. I can't wait to see it again in 5.5 hours. The group wanted 3-D so I'm glad I went to the 2D midnight for my first exposure!!

As a side the theater had several insistent hushes for TDKR trailer but TASM trailer did not get that same treatment. Low talking over the Spiderman trailer, probably about TDKR as it followed it. They were more interested in Brave and Frankenweenie than the new TASM movie it seemed.
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