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Re: What are your current computer's specs?

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CPU: Intel i5-2500K overclocked to 4ghz cooled with a Prolimatech Genesis cooler. Used to have liquid cooling until about 4 weeks ago when I switched back to air cooling for convenience reasons. The temps are still fine even setting all fans to minimum with the fan controller.

RAM: 16GB gskill ripjaw x

Everything in CM Stacker case. I've even built the pc myself. I'm such a nerd.
I don't think I'll ever need that much RAM.. but of course, I prob will.

I'm not a gamer, but I built my last two pcs, the last one in a gaming case, (which I still have) but for convenience I got the current HP tower. Of course nothing of the original interior is left now.

My next major upgrade is both an internal HDD and portable one.

I also upgraded my Comcast cable internet speed from 6 Mbps to 20Mbps d/l speed.

So I decided 20 wasn't fast enough so I upgraded to 30Mbps speed, I tested it at 36Mbps today.

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