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Would you have oreferred Captain Gary Janeway???

I'm at the Cherry Hill Creation Trek con, and Gary Graham will be speaking tomorrow. Most of us know him as Ambassador Soval on Enterprise, or the evil Ocampan Tanis on Star Trek Voyager's "Cold Fire"... or... Detective Sikes on TV's Alien Nation.

So... if Gary was Janeway... would he have found more acceptance in your Trek universe?

Remember... he STILL has to blow up the Caretaker's array and strand them in the DQ... that decision wasn't affected by the sex of the actor but was a fete accompli of the writers/producers.


Captain Gary Janeway?


Captain Kathryn Janeway?

If you had a time machine and no worries about the 29th century Temporal police... what would YOU decree once Bujold left the bridge in 1994?
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