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Re: Age of Majority / Voting Age in the Federation

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We also earned that Jaresh-Inyo was "elected" for President, but we don't know by whom.

President: " I was content to simply represent my people on the Federation Council. When they asked me to submit my name for election, I almost said no."
It's not clear from that if "my people," and "they" are the same group of people. "They" could be the members of Jaresh-Inyo's political coalition in the council, and they and their allies on the council were the ones to 'elect' him to the position of council president.
decided whether to accept Coridan's petition for UFP membership in "Journey to Babel".
My impression has been that the ambassador/deligates were from the various planets governments, and were not federation council members. Sarek mentioned (iirc) his "government's instructions." Which would have been Vulcan's government.`

Vulcan's government might not be democratic itself, but will send people to a democratic body to express their wishes on interstellar matters.

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