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Re: Disappointing DVD releases

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Yippie ki yay, melon farmer.
More accurately "yipee-ki-ay, mother-*Bang!*"

It's an odd one, in that some of the lines in the PG-13 version are actually better - specifically when McClane avers that he'll go to the place where the bad guys are holding his daughter. In the unrated cut he says "get my daughter back, kill those motherfuckers" but in the PG-13 it's "get my daughter back, kill everybody else" - but the intonation on that is hilarious cos it so totally plays to knowing that there are no innocent bystanders and so on. It's just in the delivery, you know.

Anyway, what I was referring to is a regional thing, where the theatrical release is cut for a 12 or 15 rating in the UK, and that version is on DVD, with the US theatrical version (or unrated extended one) on Blu Ray as a 15 or 18...
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