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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

My husband and I had an in-depth discussion on the best Star Trek Captain and he wants me to share his opinon on here to see what everyone else thinks.

"Picard gets thrown 30,000 light years across the galaxy (repeatedly), and he's back in a day. Janeway gets tossed 70,000 light years across the galaxy just once, and she takes decades to get home. Just saying.

Also, Sisko was a better-written character, played by an actor that is incapable of competantly portraying the character's full range of emotions in an authentic way; comparatively, Janeway is a character that never reaches her own potential, because the writing undershoots the quality of a superior actress. To put it in the terms that Neelix would understand, should you cook bad eggs for the right amount of time or undercook good ones? The correct answer, by the way, is neither. You replicate yourself a Picard Omlete, with Earl Gray Tea.)"
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