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Re: Heads up! MYTHBUSTERS season premiere tonight at 9 Eastern!

Anyone else bother to watch the Unchained Reaction finale? It was okay; the two machines were nicely different in execution even though they had similar themes, but the team of artists had much cleverer elements even if the execution was less technically impressive. Unfortunately, the camera angles were poorly chosen so that a number of the effects in the artists' rig didn't come across clearly, like the Esther Williams divers or the city being "destroyed."

The most impressive bit was that the guest judge was Rick Baker! A true special-effects legend, and it was a nice coincidence that the artists' team had a King Kong-inspired element when the judge was someone who's actually played Kong.

Overall, though, I won't miss the show. I get that Adam & Jamie (and whoever else developed the show) were trying to cater to the audience that likes the design and building and destruction they do on Mythbusters. But what's cool about all that stuff on Mythbusters is that it's a means to an end, that it's about science and experimentation rather than just building cool stuff. They had the opportunity to make this show more science-oriented by discussing the physics and engineering behind the machines, but they didn't really do anything with it.

So if Adam & Jamie (or the other Mythbusters) do create/host another show for Discovery, I hope it's more science-oriented and educational, because a show that actually lets us learn new things would be more interesting than this was.
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