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Re: hi ho Silver, The Lone Ranger rides on....

So... I just got to spend a day out on the set for the Lone Ranger, west of Albuquereque. I was asked to fill in for the day as a "specialized extra," in the role of a train engineer... While it was a VERY cool experience and I got to meet and chat (albeit VERY briefly) with Johnny Depp, it's not something I could see doing day in and day out.

I got in about 6 am and went straight to costume/make up and then hit the set with the other members of the train crew, who were actually skilled engineering professionals. The engines being used for the movie during the Promentory Point scene were mock up replicas of the actual trains used, each backed up by a modern diesel engine for moving purposes. The scene we were filming takes place during the celebration of the railtracks coming together. I won't post spoilers about the scene itself..

It was a hot, windy day and there was a LOT of sitting around waiting for them to set up shots, reherse stunts and the like. Depp and Helena Bonham Carter were in and out of their trailers to film close ups and since I was part of the train crew, I got to be out there pretty much the whole time and didn't get herded in and out of the set with the other extras, which was very cool.. In between takes, I learned a LOT about trains and special effects.. They blew some stuff up and brought cranes in for some stunt wire work.. All in all, it was a very enlightening day, in regard to film making.

If I get any screen time, it will be from a distance and probably only for a split second, but still.. How freakin' cool to be a part of it all..
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