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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

Hi. I'm new and my name is Yossarian. I know it says Snowden here, but, Yossarian, Snowden, what difference does it make? Yossarian isn't my real name either. Actually it's Sebastian, but who would want such a name?

Someone mentioned the standard questions on the other page, so I think I'd just go by them...

Fav Series: not sure, definitely not TOS and even less VOY
Fav Character: Data or Geordi or Bashir
Kirk or Picard: Neither. Sisko.
Best Enterprise: E or NX, by looks at least

I'm dwelling (it's not living, actually, not with these folks) in Germany and my most useful spent time is when I'm playing the bass in a lets-call-it-crescendocore band (
When I'm neither doing that nor watching TV, I read five books at a time and even remember what I read. However, this has no use to me in everyday life.
I'm 22 and still an apprentice with hardly any income.
Nah, nevermind.
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