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Re: Whatever happened to Stellar from Dragonfire?

I meant to post an update but I actually couldn't find the thread again so thought it might have been deleted for some reason (bizarre). I confirmed that the individual I was in contact with was the same hoaxer who also targeted the Canadian and New Zealand groups, so the story I posted was pulled last week.

Has anyone notified "Mindi Buttons" that she's the victim of identity theft? I'm planning to do so if no one else has been in touch with her, but I'm getting mixed messages as to whether she might have been already notified.

I really wish law enforcement would find a way to nail these assholes to the wall when they pretend via e-mail - or even worse, via Twitter - to be someone else.

(The recent DWM with Jenna-Louise Coleman on the cover has an article on DW actors on Twitter and includes a caution about the fakers. It's one reason I haven't bothered going on Twitter myself - I mean, do we know for 100% certain that those Twitter posts attributed to Moffat, Sophia Myles, Karen Gillan, etc are REALLY from them?)

Anyway, I'm happy if this thread continues regarding discussion of hoaxes. But since the basic topic has now been rendered moot if a mod wants to close it I'm OK with that too. But I don't want to interrupt good discussion so carry on if you like!

"These are historical documents - preserving them is important. Tarting them up for a night out in the twenty-first century is unnecessary" - Toby Hadoke, "Should mistakes in old episodes of Doctor Who be fixed on DVD" (Doctor Who Magazine #445)
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