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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Action #9:

Not too bad, very interesting story but also not quite what I was expecting. Really not much else to say about this one other than that.

Detective #9:

Night of the Owls begins and I'm not sure how this book's events is really fitting in with the other Bat-books but I actually enjoyed this one.

Dial H:

I'm on the fence with this one, while it was a good read it leaves much to be desired. On the cover of the book we see a mostly normal looking, if pudgy, man using the (antique) phone-booth that grants him his powers. Inside the book the artwork is very different and presents us with a near morbidly obese man as our "hero." It's quite the contrast and the artwork and dialogue of the book makes a bit harder for me to "connect" with the hero. The super-heroes he also turns into are also a bit of a disconnect from what I was expecting (which, really I don't know what that is) and not quite... Well, it felt more like the stuff that happens in "The Mask" movie where he just turns into a bizarre caricature of a superhero or something. I may give this one a couple more issues to hook me but after the first one it's not looking good.

Smallville ("Season 11") #1: Pretty decent book that continues the events of the ended TV series. I don't quite feel the characterizations of everyone is quite right but the book felt pretty good. The artwork in it while good is also somewhat pedestrian. It doesn't stand out in one way or another. And I liked Clark's "underwear-less" suit better than the one in the actual Superman books in the main DC continuity.

Also picked up last month's (Non-DC) Ghostbusters book, this series really continues to impress me in how good it is but in this book one of the more disturbing implications of what the Ghostbusters do is sort of brought to mind.
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