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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

Stupid MLB.TV blackout rules, left over from times that don't really apply anymore. If your credit card (not your physical location at the time) is in the home market area, you can't watch that game.

This is great if you move and still want to watch your old team, or are just a junkie that wants to watch it all.

For MOST people, this disqualifies them from watching the product. If it was available to watch on your flat screen HDTV, you wouldn't watch on your iPad, or phone, or laptop. Unless you weren't home, in which case they aren't losing your eyeballs from the TV feed anyway.

I've wanted this for when I'm on vacation, or traveling for work, etc. Whenever I'm not able to watch on TV. But my credit card is always in my team's home market area, so I'm blocked out from actually using it for the only thing it would be useful for...
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