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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I got myself a kitty karrier today and I must say she seems way overpowered compared to all other federation science vessels I have commanded. Basically, with the use of the right fighters I can now lock down any ship and destroy it. Sometimes, without even having to get in range to fire a single shot.

Advanced Catian Stalker Fighters - I'm not 100% sure of its other abilities, but two of its star ability to detect cloaked ship and disable their cloak. Even Donatra's ship in CSE could not escape from these fighters.

Advanced Peregrine Fighter - These fighters cause massive amounts of damage. Two wings of these fighters have roughly the combined firepower of an escort.

Advanced Danube Runabout - The tractor beams and chroniton torpedos on these runabouts can easily hold anything in place.

Advanced Delta Flyer - The tachyon beam II and transphasic torpedos make short work of any heavily shielded ships such as the Borg tactical cube.

Reinforced Shield Repair Unit - I have not had the chance to use these babies, but I presume they repair shield damage?

Type 10 Shuttles - No idea yet, they should tank well with polarize hull.
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