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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


There are 246 elements and the Voyager may have found the 247th! It must be a pain in the butt to learn that periodic table!

Lots of dead bodies wrapped in cotton candy looking goo; very reminiscent of the movie Killer Clowns! Not a bad start to an episode. The new element is a byproduct of decomposition. Very exciting, a second episode with a cave full of organs/corpses. Is this just bad luck on the ships behalf or a weird obsession with death on behalf of the writers? Oh, and we get mummies when Garan wraps himself in his death shroud!

A dead body ends up being transported to the ship and Kim gets sent to the Vhnori home world. The, still un-named, doctor revives the “dead” women, Ptera. She freaks out because she is expecting to be in the after world. The dead on the Vhnori world are put in pods just before death so that they can be transported to the afterlife where they are part of a higher plain of consciousness. This sounds like ascension in SG-1.

When Janeway is talking to the Ptera she has this rapid side-to-side eye movement going on. It’s kind of creepy, but impressive at the same time.

Garan has second thoughts about dying and going on the next emanations. After talking to Kim he is not sure that he wants to die. His family is pushing him to go on because he was in an accident and his family has to take extra care of him: sounds like they could use a nursing home on Vhnori. (Where is a Ferengi entrepreneur when you need one)? The Vhnori think that they go on to the afterlife as themselves and are reunited with their families; what happens if you hated your spouse?

Wow! Harry Kim grew a pair! He started off whinny (as usual) and then suggests to Garan that he go in the pod instead of Garan. When Garan warned him that he would die in the pod Kim brushed it off and told him that he would be able to be revived by his ships medical officers. He wasn’t afraid for once, amazing!

Favorite part: That I was able to make a Killer Clowns reference! Also, everyone wants to know what happens when you die. This episode has a lot of religious implications, which I find interesting. How do people in the future (with advanced technology) understand religion and the afterlife? More specifically, is it run by Q?

Least favorite part: I didn’t get to see Neelix this episode…sad face.
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