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Re: Netflix Investigating Bringing Back "Jericho"

I actually enjoyed Jericho but it has been several years since it ended and frankly they shouldn't bother with resurrecting it. Who knows if they can get the cast back, the same writers, have the same budget, etc. It would probably end up being not as good as we remember much like reunion movies that networks used to do with tv shows years ago. Once you capture lightning in a bottle it is pretty hard to recapture it. Plus the series actually had a pretty good finale all things said than most other shows could hope to have.
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AICN had the best response - "Two words: VERONICA MARS"
Always wanted to watch that show but the fact it was cancelled after 3 seasons has always put me off, I hate shows ending with no closure.
Like most "successful" tv shows from the '00s Veronica Mars had one good season--S1--great season mystery, getting to know the characters was fun and then it was downhill from there--S2 was such a convoluted complicated mess of a season long storyline that required diagrams to follow what was going on and the payoff was uber-weak and S3 had lost the fun factor of S1 not to mention the two arcs that season were LAME.
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