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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

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From the sounds of things, I may have to get back into the X-men. What is the best title to collect?

I recall back when I was collecting X-titles, Scott was dead. That was about twelve years ago I think.
The last I was reading them, Psylock was still British.
She is basically doing the Asian equivalent of blackface.

Classy of Marvel as always.
Yellow face.

Was Betsy was a shitty character?

fashion model purple haired spy mutant with battle armour who had been blinded by Slaymaster, and gutted by Sabretooth, awarded mechanical eyes by Mojo to clandestinely televise the X-men in a Faustian contract... Who was futilely in love with Cypher, a child almost half her age.

Sylvestri drew that armour kick ass.


What country is Jim Lee from?


(Don't you mean America?)

(Shut up!)

That doesn't track.

And the Mandarin was Chinese.

(Yes, but The Hand is an international cartel of Ninjas.)


And this shit was all going down in Mandripoor that DOESN'T EXIST but I've always thought had a Cantonese vibe going for it!


It's like racial profiling doesn't work.

Claremont invented Betsy in the 70s, so it's fair game whatever trials he and Jim thought up for Betsy in the last moments of the 80s.

And really, if Psylocke was still an English Rose i doubt that there would be 12,300 image results from a cosplay query into google about Psylocke.

It's amazing how slowly I get stuff.

You know how stupidly immature girls when they're in love with some one, that they write their true loves name over and over again in their journal, and then they write their own name altered temporally for post nuptials as if they had already taken their intendeds surname?

It's a huge trope.

Doug Ramsey didn't call himself Douglock because he was fused body and soul with Warlock... it's because he wanted to marry Psylocke and she'd get to wear the pants after he took her name.

Don't you remember what it's like to be that in love?
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