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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Starz would certainly ensure a hearty sleaze factor. There were several pirate series bopping around but I haven't heard much about the others.

THR Feed's Pilot Season Review.

Finally a source other than Deadline kicks in.

ABC: The first quibbling I've heard about The Last Resort. May be too male-skewing and therefore "off brand" for ABC. Apparently they think The River sank because it was male-skewing rather than the actual reason, it was nobody-skewing. If ABC is avoiding shows for boys, what does that mean for the Emmerich "antichrist" series? The lead is a cute guy, so I say it's for girls. Can we put a pink bow on it and sneak it in?

666 Park Ave
"has not been ruled out," but no mention of the other two fantasy series it's reportedly competing with. ABC's comedies have been disappointing, which is good news for their dramas. (I've been worried this season is going to be comedy-heavy across the board, at the expense of dramas.)

NBC: Revolution - "heavy interest" after going unmentioned for so long. (NBC didn't watch Alcatraz I guess. ) Do No Harm "has heat." Frontier "turned out great, but the network remains hesitant." (Cmon NBC, take a risk!) NBC has the only comedy that interests me this year - Animal Kingdom, which "tested well."

CW: Cult (aka Alaric vs T-Bag) "has begun staffing" but The Selection "hasn't impressed everyone and isn't coming off as the slam dunk everyone had hoped for." It sounds like a fun premise, but if it sucks, please spare us, CW.

FOX - The Kevin Bacon serial killer series (which has been a sure thing for a while now) has a name: Mastermind.
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