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Re: Disappointing DVD releases

- The Blu-Ray of ST:TMP - only includes the damn theatrical cut.

Now don't get me wrong, I know WHY this happened - the new EFX were only rendered at standard definition resolution. But there's no excuse for that. They should have known that HD was on the horizon.

- one of my favorite IMAX movies (Everest) has kind of a piss-poor DVD quality. (I've seen IMAX movies that had decent DVD releases. This was not one of them.) And it isn't even available on Blu-Ray.

- anyone remember MXC? One of its episodes (The Monster Special) has like 3/4 of its content removed from the DVD version because there were so many characters from Ultraman and Astro Boy and there's some kind of licensing dispute.

- The Batman TV series. You talk about licensing disputes...we'll be lucky if this sumbitch EVER makes it to DVD. That one is disappointing for its lack of existence.
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