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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

^Help a brother out?

I had a spot of bad luck today. I've been trying to fill in the gaps in my DCUC collection, which is difficult since most of them have shot up in price quite a bit. Found a Black Lightning on Amazon for a pretty decent price. The description said minor shelf wear, but I open anyways so that didn't matter. What did matter however is the state it arrived in. Apprently, to this seller "minor shelf wear" means "package completely open." Also, BAF piece of Metallo was the right leg instead of the left left the figure was supposed to come with. If that wasn't enough, the piece had a broken connector peg. Thankfully Amazon is expedient with returns, so I don't have to settle for this defective product, but now the hunt for a Black Lightning resumes. I also need to find myself an Eradicator for a decent price. He seems to be the hardest of the wave to find. I want a complete Metallo, dammit.
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