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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012



which is looking to launch a number of series in August, right after the end of its coverage of the Summer Olympics, has been moving the fastest, picking up the first pilot to series, the Matthew Perry-starring single-camera comedy Go On, and giving several others permission to make staffing offers. In addition to single-camera comedies THE NEW NORMAL and SAVE ME, I hear also allowed to begin a hiring process are the Jimmy Fallon-produced multi-camera comedy GUYS WITH KIDS and J.J. Abrams/Eric Kripke’s action drama REVOLUTION, which had been very quiet after a late start.

We might see more series pickups today as there is a rumor this morning that the network may order as many as three new series before the day is over
So it's back to being called Revolution? If it's being allowed to start staffing then it's pretty likely to get picked up. Staffing is usually a sign of a pilot getting green llit to series


On the testosterone side, slow starter, the UNTITLED ROLAND EMMERICH action drama continues to improve its chances, with the Shawn Ryan-produced LAST RESORT very solid. The fantasy/genre race among GOTHAM, 666 PARK AVE and BEAUTY & THE BEAST to join freshman breakout Once Upon A Time is still too close to call. Buzz on Gotham has been solid, reaction to 666 has been more mixed but it features a cast of signature ABC stars like Terry O’Quinn and Vanessa Williams. Meanwhile, there have been some issues on BEAUTY & THE BEAST but its deep Disney roots and the fact that, like Once and unlike Gotham and 666, it is owned by ABC is making it a strong contender for a pickup.
the CW

The list of frontrunners continues to be topped by ARROW and THE CARRIE DIARIES, with BEAUTY & THE BEAST, FIRST CUT and CULT strong and the Hunger Games-esque THE SELECTION also in contention.
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