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Re: Would a 6 million dollar man (Bionic Man-type) reboot work now?)

They had their chance - they should have cast Katee Sackhoff as the lead, and had her play the Bionic Woman as a headcase. And put it on cable.

That general idea is still a good one, a show about bionic enhancements in the future and how it upends assumptions about what humans should be. Do bionic enhancements make humans more or less equal? And in what way? What happens if you have a partially bionic brain? (I'm thinking of the DS9 episode with Bareil.)

That stuff is all good material, but there's no reason to shoehorn it into any sort of law-enforcement format. That's so tired.

Would inflation make it be the 20 miilion dollar man? lol
Six billion dollars would cover it, lol.
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