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Rate my Songs

It's been a while, so I'm hoping for some activity here. I love sharing music, and finding new music, so I'm going to try starting another one of these. The rules for this thread are as follows:

One poster provides the next with up to three songs, linked from youtube or similar. (To help prevent geo-locking, either wrap the name of the song in spoilers, or post alternative links.) The next poster then listens to and rates the song(s) of the above poster, either grading them, or giving them (each) a score out of 10. That poster then provides links for their own song(s), and it continues!

As a guideline, try to post songs that not everyone will have heard. Obscure tracks are great. A mixture of obscure and the odd well known(ish) track is also fine, it's just better if there isn't an excess of 'huge' hits, as it means users find often find new music.

My links:
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