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Re: SciFi/F Av contest: Strong female leads...

Nobody's posted any of the BSG ladies yet?

od0_ital wrote: View Post

From DS9 'A Call to Arms'
That is a great pic of Kira, one of my favorite SciFi women. That' would be a vote even without the animated gif!

Praetor_Shinzon wrote: View Post
And that's my other favorite SciFi/fantasy woman, but I think you should choose a more badass picture that shows who Buffy is... something like this:

- No weapons... No friends...No hope. Take all that away... and what's left?
- Me.

I was thinking about the shot of Buffy wielding that weapon that looks like sickle, but I can't get a good screencap of it. Or Buffy with the rocket launcher. Or Buffy with a stake or with a scythe or the crossbow... you get the idea.
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