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Re: Grant Morrison thinks Batman is gay!

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I find all three of the comic panels/series of panels pretty funny when taken out of context. Does anyone here know the story behind the teeth marks in the thong? Because no matter how that word was used, that seems a little odd. And the two guys/one bed thing, because no matter how you look at it that one is a little odd too.
Don't know the story behind either panel, I could probably research it and find scans or summaries of the comics but I can't see the "thong" one making much sense. (It seems like a one-off line and not part of the story.)

Even if the "thing" in the comic was supposed to be a (leather?!) shoe it still doesn't make sense. It's less gay/sexual perhaps but still sort of odd.

Them sleeping in the bed together? I don't think there's any explanation to that that could make sense. Unless it stormed last night and the teenaged Dick Grayson is afraid of lightning and wanted to sleep in "safe bed" I don't think it'd ever make sense Dick Grayson didn't have his own bedroom or, hell, his own wing of the mansion.

But, nope, the mostly-grown Dick Grayson sleeps in the same bed as a 30-year-old man. In what universe does that even make sense? Or is legal? Or wouldn't result in backlash of Micheal Jackson-ian proportions.
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