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Re: TV Guide: Will Netflix Give Jericho (Another) New Life?

I talked about this over at AVS, but I think the concept of the Civil War was the most appealing. Even if they don't carry on the original show/characters, or do a reboot, that a great idea for a brand new drama would be an Alternate History-Genre of a Modern Day Civil War. Alternate History shows/movies/books are always intriguing to me. The key details at the end of Jericho's second season were the Western United States (Cheyenne) and the Eastern United States (Columbus), with Texas forming its own independent Republic.

Which reminds me, does anyone remember a made-for-tv Comedy movie about a modern day Civil War? I want to say it was from about 15 years ago, and was about a civil war that started when a Governor of some Midwest state went on national TV to announce his "succession plan" (he wanted to get married and have a kid or something like that) and everyone misinterpreted it as a "secession plan".
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