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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

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There's one thing that concerns me though. I've only seen a couple of episodes this season-- this one & the Civil War pillow fight episode. In both of those, Britta is only in the episode for a few seconds and it seems like she's generally dismissed and not treated very well. It feels like she's becoming the Meg Griffin of the show. (Or have I just accidentally stumbled upon the season's two worst examples of the glory that is Britta?)
You might be onto something. A few episodes ago focused on Britta and her ex, a Carnie. The episode treated Britta's relationship as an addiction. It definitely did not have her looking good and they concluded that this guy's hold over Britta was due to his total lack of shame. The worse Britta thought he was treating her, the more she wanted him.

Of course, that lead to an episode that tried to pair Britta and Troy, which was just an excuse to focus on Annie and Abed, which turned into a focus on Abed.
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