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Re: TV Guide: Will Netflix Give Jericho (Another) New Life?

Les Moonves was talking about making a show for Netflix back in Feb.
"Until they are doing 22 hours a week of premium content, we do not look at them as a competitor, but rather another place to put our content," Moonves said on a conference call following CBS' fourth quarter earnings announcement.

His attitude contrasts with other entertainment honchos that view Netflix's entry into original programming as a direct threat.

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, for instance, pejoratively labeled Netflix a “200-pound chimp" and the "Albanian Army.”
Albanian Army?

Streaming been beddy beddy good to CBS. No wonder they like Netflix.

Anyway, the TVGuide article says that Moonves was talking about Jericho when he made that comment, which makes the whole thing seem more likely to happen. It's not Netflix going begging to CBS - they're already interested.
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