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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

shivkala wrote: View Post
I think people are discounting a huge factor in this episode's awesomeness...Michael Ironside. Is there anything that isn't immediately made more awesome by his appearance?
I dunno. I was kinda hoping that Serena Southerlyn would show up as the defense attorney, then make a pass at either Britta or Annie.

This was one of my favorite episodes ever! Community and Law & Order are two of my all-time favorite TV shows. (All they needed were some Angel cameos & a side trip to Deep Space 9 and it would have been my ultimate fangasm!) I loved how they perfectly copied the shooting style of the show. Shirley did a subtle but brilliant Lt. Van Buren impression. And many kudos for bringing in Dr. Rodgers as the medical examiner. Even her Dr. Mengele line was a callback to the Season 6 episode "Charm City"!

There's one thing that concerns me though. I've only seen a couple of episodes this season-- this one & the Civil War pillow fight episode. In both of those, Britta is only in the episode for a few seconds and it seems like she's generally dismissed and not treated very well. It feels like she's becoming the Meg Griffin of the show. (Or have I just accidentally stumbled upon the season's two worst examples of the glory that is Britta?)

LeadHead wrote: View Post
For some reason, Community seems to have slow starts with weaker episodes, then building to better ones as the season goes on.
I dunno. Season 2 had some really strong episodes in the 1st half of the season, like "Accounting for Lawyers," "Basic Rocket Science," and "Conspiracy Theories & Interior Design." Although I suppose it also had some unpleasantly dark episodes like "Aerodynamics of Gender" & "Mixology Certification."

Sci wrote: View Post
I don't think it's fair to professionals or to fan film creators to have their works compete against one-another, for all the reasons he cited. It's not fair to professionals, who have worked to build solid careers and should be judged against the standards set by their fellow professionals; and it's not fair to the fan film creators, who have to work to create something of quality with far fewer resources (in money, equipment, and, often, numbers of talented performers) than a professional production has access to.
Since amateur productions have access to fewer resources than the professionals do, I don't see how it's unfair to the professionals when it's the amateurs who suffer all the disadvantages. If a professional loses to an amateur, I would think he should reexamine the quality of his output.

No one ever complained that down-and-out Rocky Balboa had an unfair advantage over heavyweight-champion Apollo Creed.

I would also point out that, in the Oscars, there have been movies that were nominated for the general Best Picture category that were also nominated for Best Animated Feature (Up, Toy Story 3) or Best Foreign Film (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Life Is Beautiful). No one ever said that these nominations gave them an unfair advantage over their live-action, Anglo-American competition.
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