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Re: Virtual *TOS* Enterprise for STV:Elite Force - WIP

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I admit I'd love to have these "sets" in .OBJ format so I can import them in one or another render suite, populate them with polygonal figure meshes and create fan art renders. There are some greatt "sets" out there (like Ptrope's bridge, transporter, briefing room and crew quarters), true, but your sickbay and adjoining labs are by far considerably more accurate than other similar sets available for download.

Sorry for coming across all "Gimme; gimme; gimme!"


Unfortunately, I'm not sure how possible this is given the differences between the file formats of Quake III map files and .OBJ files.

The majority of the architecture is built with brushes in the map editor, however things like the static meshes (chairs, control surfaces, random object lying around on desks, weapons, NPCs, etc) are .md3 files that can all be converted to .OBJ files.

Either way, I won't be releasing anything to the public until the project is near complete. After that, you'd be free to toy around with the files to use them, if possible, in other 3D programs (with my permission, of course )
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