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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Looking forward to Earth 2 this evening. Gee, Supes isn't wearing a red Speedo over there, either.
Nope, but oddly enough, he's got himself a WWE Championship Belt. Earth 2 is a strange place indeed.

indianatrekker26 wrote: View Post claim to have received word that there'll be another change in the creative team controlling the "Superman" comic book title after the up-coming Zero issue taking place in September.
Note: All the original New 52 titles will get a issue 0 in September, telling year one stories, with regular numbering returning in October.
I wonder if that is meant to be permanent, or just temporary as I seem to remember that the Super-books were going to have a crossover in the near future (where Supes meets his clone) and Lobell seems to be the crossover guy where his books are concerned. I'd be disappointed if Jurgens leaves. I've liked his two issues thus far and his take on Superman (in terms of art), is the definitive Superman to me.
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