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Re: Heads up! MYTHBUSTERS season premiere tonight at 9 Eastern!

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True, but they were still expecting to perform some complicated, last-second maneuvers, and knew how to properly hit the pedals to complete them.

I'm not sure the average woman going about her day would be quite as prepared if an emergency came out of nowhere.
I don't see the logic of that assumption. Anyone who's been driving for a while is going to have some experience with needing to make abrupt stops. I've only been driving for a few years myself, and I've had my share of such moments.

Besides, they weren't testing any of those variables. The way science works is you isolate one variable at a time and test that specific thing, so that if you get a variation in the results, you know it's because of that and not something else. The only thing they were testing here was the myth that the shoes themselves undermined driving ability, independent of any other factor. So they created an experiment that tested that variable and kept every other variable constant, and that is perfectly good experimental design. Any other variables are a matter for a different experiment testing a different question.

Anyway, if there are any women reading this thread (and it's sad that it has to be an "if"), my question is, is driving in spike heels something that women would even do under normal circumstances? Or would they simply slip off the shoes and drive in stocking feet, or keep a pair of more sensible/comfortable shoes in the car?
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