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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

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A point that has been noticed about the trailer.

Bane's voice has been cleared up(thanks to WB)

Perhaps it's a little too clear. A bit too much ADR now.

It doesn't even sound like the head gear is blocking his voice.

His voice now sounds disembodied like it's far away from him
I think all of the dialogue sounded disembodied-- because it is. We're hearing it without the rest of the soundmix the actual movie will have, and it's a little weird.
It simply sounds to me like his voice is being processed and amplified through the head gear. Which seems like a perfectly reasonable thing for it to do.

And if it DOES sound a bit more disembodied, all the better. Just makes him a little more scary and intimidating that way.

I agree. The voice does make him sound scarier. It's an interesting contrast to the Joker's high-pitched manic voice in TDK. Both are scary but in different ways.
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