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Re: Heads up! MYTHBUSTERS season premiere tonight at 9 Eastern!

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They explained in the aftershow that, since they are very experienced drivers, they deliberately designed the test course to challenge them to the limit of their abilities. So that should've pretty much cancelled out their advantage.

Besides, the point was to compare their performance in the awkward shoes to their performance in normal shoes in the control run. That cancels out other variables like the drivers' skill level, because it's the same driver running the same course and only the shoes are different.
True, but they were still expecting to perform some complicated, last-second maneuvers, and knew how to properly hit the pedals to complete them.

I'm not sure the average woman going about her day would be quite as prepared if an emergency came out of nowhere.

And then there's the size of the shoes, which I'm not sure they properly accounted for. Being guys, they needed to wear some extra large, extra wide heels. The girls I know where things MUCH tinier and with much less surface area hitting the ground.
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