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Re: TOS: The Red Ensign by DRGIII - January 2013

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For me, seeing the phrase "Red Ensign" puts this context in play:

There was a LOT of argument over whether or not it should be replaced by anything at all, much less the flag we have today...
Well, it's all kind of a moot point, since The Red Ensign won't be the book's title. And I'd point out that the Red Ensign encompasses more than the pre-1965 Canadian flag.

My grandfather is Canadian, and I've heard him speak about the "Great Flag Debate" now and then. It's fascinating to hear about a debate like that happening in modern times -- we Americans, after all, pretty much had our flag's basic design set back in the 1700s. Personally, I think the Maple Leaf Flag is a much stronger design than the Red Ensign -- it's bolder, more elegant, and it's more distinctively Canadian. But I can also understand feeling attached to the Red Ensign, particularly for Canadian veterans.
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