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Re: Starbuck's speech about Cain

Starbuck, given her background, was someone who would've clearly chosen the former, despite her long father/daughter relationship with Adama, because I think she recognized that sometimes it takes a crazy person to survive war, especially when you're dealing with foes as capricious as the Cylons were at that point.
Based on what? From what I saw, Starbuck always respected Adama as a commander and was very loyal to him. Can you remind me of any occasions when Starbuck indicated that she thought Adama was a wussy commander and that Cain would be much better?
^^^ I would have to agree with this. Despite her tomboy-crush on, and general respect of, Cain, Starbuck was still willing to put a bullet in her head at Adama's order. She was ready to do it, too, until the stand-down order came. She may have hesitated for a second or two, but I have no doubt she would have pulled the trigger, even if it meant her death at the hands of Cain's security forces/marines that were present in the CIC at the time.
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