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Re: Teri Hatcher: Babe of the week #18 (Apr. 2012)

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Teri Hatcher wrote:
...later expressed her dissatisfaction with the part, saying it was "an artificial kind of character to be playing that you don't get any special satisfaction from it".
Doesn't say much about being married to Jon Tenney.
She's talked about having hang-ups about sex due to abuse when she was younger and that she and Tenney had a largely sexless marriage as a result.

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The whole situation with the timing of that pregnancy is interesting. It's the real reason Lois & Clark ended. It had already been renewed for a 5th season by ABC before she found out. Lane Smith, who played Perry White, said the belief on set was she timed it to get out of her contract.

He said that at A Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL to me and a huge crowd. He dismissed any assumptions about bad ratings. ABC did not have much success at the time. Other actresses who are stars of television series have worked around being pregnant. I think she thought with the Bond role she would become big in movies. The baby was just a excuse.
There are a lot of different stories and vague reasons for why the show was cancelled. Some involve her pregnancy and some don't, but it didn't have to be a problem storywise. They could have written it in.

I also read an account that suggests that her doctor advised her not to work while pregnant.

It's hard to know what to believe.
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