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Re: Starbuck's speech about Cain

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Yes, Cain was volatile and her methods were borderline psycho and most definitely extreme, but think about it like this for a minute: would you rather go into battle with someone who is a known hard-ass who might go a bit off the deep end at times, or would you rather go into battle with somebody like Adama?
Adama, obviously. Do I follow the commander who is trying to keep people alive, and who cares about his crew and leaves no (wo)man behind, or the commander who doesn't care if everyone dies as long as she gets some revenge on the enemy, and who's likely to shoot me in the head if I question her insane orders? Is that even a contest?

Starbuck, given her background, was someone who would've clearly chosen the former, despite her long father/daughter relationship with Adama, because I think she recognized that sometimes it takes a crazy person to survive war, especially when you're dealing with foes as capricious as the Cylons were at that point.
Based on what? From what I saw, Starbuck always respected Adama as a commander and was very loyal to him. Can you remind me of any occasions when Starbuck indicated that she thought Adama was a wussy commander and that Cain would be much better?
I think she recognized that sometimes it takes a crazy person to survive war
People were doing a much better job surviving the war under Adama than under Cain.
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