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Re: Cabin in the Woods - Grading, Discussion, Spoilers

Loved the first two thirds, hated the final third.

First off it is very funny, but a truly classic horror/comedy should be scary as well as funny and this wasn't remotely creepy enough.

I think whether you like it or not depends on if you just roll with the finale, and I found I couldn't, it just seemed stupid. That's not to say off the wall, crazy and bonkers can't work, but they should at least conform to their own internal logic, and the story had no logic.

As has been said, either the ritual is important or it isn't, so how come anyone can kill stoner guy at the end and complete the ritual? And why is it so important that the five kids represent the archytypes when, one presumes, there wasn't a slut or a jock amongst the Japanese schoolgirls? And I imagine Spain/Norway etc had something different still.

And the end hacked me off as well!

Still, it had a good cast and like I say was very funny, so I will watch it again on the small screen someday and with hindsight I might like it more.

Oh yeah, and to paraphrase Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back...."I think Cliver Barker gonne sue somebody!"
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