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Re: One Giant Transporter Pad?

Trek has already established that transporting cargo is considerably easier
Actually, no.

If anything, we have had many episodes telling us that this special kind of cargo or that cannot take the transporter and has to be moved by the shuttle. In contrast, we have had only three cases of people being difficult to transport - the Medusan in "Is There In Truth", the supersoldier Ragar in "The Hunted" and the Trills in "The Host" - and two of the three involved the transportee himself trying to be difficult, while the third posed no transporting problems per se, merely the need for special safety arrangements for the other people involved.

The whole thing about cargo being transported at a lower resolution is just backstage doubletalk, never indicated in the actual episodes or movies, and indeed implicitly contradicted by some of them. Say, in "Datalore", Lore is beamed out to space by a cargo transporter, and the operator has no intention of (or time for) resetting the device to be friendlier to the live transportee - but we later learn that Lore survives the process just fine. And in "Dagger of the Mind", cargo is beamed aboard, but with a stowaway inside, and he doesn't die.

Timo Saloniemi
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