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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

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Also, I miss Lt. James.
What I wondered about Lt. James...

Did they intentionally cast someone with giant boobs so that they could make reference to them throughout the show, or did they cast an actress who happened to have big boobs and then decide that they should draw attention to them?
I don't think it was intentional since the series did exactly two jokes about it. The referance to McKay staring at her chest, and then actually seeing McKay staring at her chest.
yer i think it was coincidental. However interesting James was originally suppose to get get pregnent not TJ. But the actress who plays TJ actually was pregnent so they decided (for the 3rd time) to use that.

Interestingly, every time a character (and hence an actress) has gotten pregnent on the show, they've cancelled the series the next season - i'm seeing a pattern...
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