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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Azetbur; Chancellor Gorkon's daughter
B is for Brigadier Kerla
C is for Camp Khitomer, near the Romulan border
D is for DeForest Kelley. This was his last on-screen movie appearance.
E is for Excelsior, USS. warping to the rescue.
F is for Fire, which the big burly alien with the genitals on his kneecaps knocks Kirk into during their brawl on Rura Penthe.
G is for Genitals on kneecaps.
H is for Holst, upon whose orchestral suite, The Planets, Cliff Eidelman based much of the musical score.
I is for Iman, who portrayed shapeshifter Martia.
J is for Just-in-time. basically when Scotty shot Odo
K is for the Klingon listening post manned by a bunch of fat lazy Klingons.
L is for Leonard Nimoy. Who co-wrote this one.
M is for Massive Subspace Shockwave created by the explosion on Praxis.
N is for Nicholas Meyer who directed the film
O is for Operation: Retrieve. Which likely would have ended in full-scale war with the Klingons.
P is for Photon Torpedo, which Spock and McCoy modify to be able to track and hit Chang's Bird-of-Prey.
Q is for Qo'noS One
R is for Rura Penthe. Klingon penal asteroid also known as the aliens graveyard. Where nobody ever escapes. Unless they're Captain of a Starship.
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