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Re: I.S.S. Titan & I.S.S. Ares

Here is a updated commission backlog so you see what is on deck.
1. Slice of SciFi Logo 1- Martin Collins
2. Slice of Scifi Logo 2 - Martin Collins
3. Happy Dog Cafe - Josiah Weaver
4. Stargate Col Carter F302 Uni - Craig Verba
5. Dark Mirror scout class vessel (like a submarine) - kclcmdr
6. Gul Macet - NerysGhemor
7. Admiral Akakar - Glenn Judd
8. ISS Morituri...NCC-85911 -Glenn Judd
9. USCM Sniper (synthetic female)) from Aliens - Dimsdale00
10. High tech fighter pilot/spy (Human female) from RPG Traveller - Dimsdale00
11. Swashbuckler /scientist (human female) from AD&D - Dimsdale00

Feel free to contact me to get on the list.
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