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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

I’m back from vacation!

Ex Post Facto

Directed by Lavar Burton, awesome!

It begins with Paris being sentenced to re-living a crime, he supposedly committed, (the killing of Tolen Ren) every 14 hours. Then it cuts away to another teaser…the Doctor’s name! Kes and the Doctor have a whole conversation about his possible name: Doctor: Gailen, Saul, Spock…the suspense is killing me

Kim is set back to the Voyager and he explains the Paris situation to Janeway in his usual whinny voice and sad puppy-dog-eyes. In the first scene with Tolen and Lidell Ren we see that this planet has pet dogs and tulips; I don’t know why but I find that amusing. There is a quick introduction to Paris’ interactions with the Rens, which basically consisted of Tolen introducing Paris and Kim to his wife and Paris checking the wife out…not too exciting…

Then Neelix gets involved because of his prior dealings with the Baneans. He cracks a few jokes that only he laughs at, and next thing we know Janeway is on the planet talking with Paris. Paris has a flashback of the killing and loses consciousness. I do love the angry glare that Janeway gives the minister when she tells him: “Minister, we don’t plan on leaving until we prove his innocence”.

Tuvok leads the investigation. He goes back to the planet to speak to Mrs. Ren. Tuvok points out that she must have had the house cleaned and that he is surprised that she chose to stay in the same house. He calls her dispassionate and compares her to Vulcans. Lidell very calmly, without emotion, tells him that she is not dispassionate and that he could just ask Paris about that. Lidell explains her version of her and Paris’ interactions to Tuvok. We see a mildly proactive scene (for Star Trek) of Lidell and Paris running into the house soaking wet. Lidell in white clothes, soaked through, gets on her knees in front of Paris, and then stands up and kisses him. She told Tuvok that they drank tea and went into the atrium after that.

Tuvok is called back to the Voyager and Paris confirms that he remembered what Lidell claimed up to the point of the atrium; he does not remember that. Tuvok performs a mind-meld with Paris in order to find the truth. When he is done he makes the comment that he needs to know what Tolen’s research was in order to confirm that he was in fact innocent. Then Tuvok has all the members’ concerned meet at the scene of the crime. Tuvok proves that Paris is innocent and that Lidell set Paris up. Tuvok’s arguments: First, Paris is taller than the killer in the memories. Second, the killer knew Banean anatomy and Paris did not. Third, a Numiri agent downloaded messages into Paris’ implant procedure, which was done by the doctor. Tuvok then accuses the doctor who tried to say he was innocent, but Tuvok asks for the eye witness to enter (Lidell’s dog) who obviously knew him.

Favorite part: Paris to Tuvok, “Some would say that you risked my future on the eye witness identification of a dog”. Also, this episode raises some interesting questions about how criminals should be punished. Paris would have preferred being locked up on the rehab colony that he was on when Janeway got him. Is imprisonment more humane? How will they handle punishment on the ship? The brig? Marooning?

Least favorite part: Overall, this was an okay episode. It was easy to guess what was going to happen. There was foreshadowing about the dog’s importance when Tuvok spoke to Mrs. Ren, and we knew that ultimately Paris would be proven innocent. Plus, the acting could have been better in this episode.
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