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Re: Virtual *TOS* Enterprise for STV:Elite Force - WIP

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Ah, kewel, it's even bigger than I thought, thanks a bunch!

P.S. Are those angled lifts (and other features) on either side of the bay part of the structural reinforcements for the nacelle pylons by any chance?
They could be, and that would make sense given where I've placed the cargo bay. I did not, however, create it this way on purpose. Funny how it worked out.

By the way, I'm throwing together some ideas for some other never-before-seen areas, now that I've got most of the canon areas out of the way. If anyone has any suggestions for what they may want to see for the rest of this project, I'm all ears.

I also found a good exterior model of the Enterprise for use in the project, so soon I'll be building some areas with windows that look out onto the exterior of the ship. Should be fun.
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