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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

I did finish up last weeks books with:

Justice League Dark #8 - part 3 of the I,Vampire crossover about the first evil, Cain, coming to take over things. Am I to understand now that Shade is gone? Not dead I guess but he's with his girlfriend who is dead so he's where? Having Constantine trying to talk Andrew into coming back was a nice bit of dialouge as was Zatanna's remark to the "wait, who you calling a sidekick?" The art remains wonderful for the book!!

I, Vampire #8 - all that talking by John got through to him cause the first page has Andrew back from limbo/hell answering Constantine's question, "I guess I do have some fight left in me". Again, the art in this book is equally well done still. Now, Andrew comes back with some new powers, one of which seems to be a memory wipe. He makes a vocal command for this event(vampire invasion in Gotham) and records of it forgotten. He must've buddied up to Mephisto while he was there. Him taking over the vampire army upon defeating Cain was a unique approach to ending the event. I admit I didn't see it coming. Wondering if we'll see this Order of VanHelsing as mentioned in the closing of the issue by the real "sidekicks", whose names escape me.
Now I'm very new to Andrew and Mary. I,Vampire was one of the titles I tired brand new in the spirit of this nu52 event. Why is Mary light blue? Are those red swirls on her body tattoos or something else?

Aquaman #8 - a decent issue but a step down from the rest so far. Guess John's was taking a breather on this one. Help me, was all the issue told in the past? We were 6yrs ago, then 1yr later--so 5yrs ago and the issue ends. We never jump back to the present do we, right? This was a fill-in-the blanks issue with backstory for sure. It was a good read just a bit slow on actual fun moments.

So for tomorrow:
Animal Man #9 - which I will drop soon
Swamp Thing #9 - the real thing saving AM at this point
X-O ManOWar #1 - Valiant returns!!
no Marvel, IDW, Image, light week for me unless something surprises me.
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