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Re: Heads up! MYTHBUSTERS season premiere tonight at 9 Eastern!

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God. I never do that. What's the point of cruise control then? I might as well have my foot on the accelerator if I'm going to work that hard.

I just leave my foot on the floor under the break pedal.
Cruise Control better keeps the car at a constant speed and can save on gas as the car is better at maintaining that speed at a low throttle position.
Um. Yeah. Thanks for explaining cruise control....

Not covering your brake while on cruise is stupid. Think of how far your car travels inside of one second while it's on cruise (for most cars this is over 35 miles an hour but in most situations is likely to be highway speeds) and the think of how long it'd take you to see you need to quickly apply your brake, lift your foot, place it on the pedal, and then press it.
Well, judging by what happened on Mythbusters, a fraction of a second...

And why would you be using cruise control at 35 miles an hour? I wouldn't use cruise control until I'm on a highway and it's fairly clear of cars.

Oddly, the one time I was in an accident that was my fault, it was in the city, not on cruise control, and still got to the brake before causing serious damage.

For me? All I'd have to do is react by putting my foot down. It may be small fractions of a second but considering a car at 55 miles an hour travels 80 feet inside one second the difference between a quarter second and half a second reaction time is 20 feet. Could mean the difference between life and death.
It might be SMALLER fractions of a second for you, but it's still fractions of a second, and I'm not hampered by cramps...

To each his own.
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