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Re: Grant Morrison thinks Batman is gay!

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Yes, and considering the context of the time and use of the word "boner" is being used as an "error" or "mistake" it's not very funny, is it?
Yes, it is. In the context of the present.

That's kind of the whole idea.

Obviously it doesn't mean the same thing in the context of the time they were published, or else they never would have been published. It would have been quite scandalous.

Trekker4747 wrote:
All people who find that funny are doing is seeing "boner" thinking "erection" and then giggling like a middle-school kid.
No, there's an entire narrative going on that ties into the thread topic. ( Some boner panels that only make sense with the original definition were skipped. ) Oh, and the Joker has an inadequate penis.
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