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Re: Grant Morrison thinks Batman is gay!

That's a touch less funny given that it's not taking an odd sequence of events out of context or just an odd panel of a 30-something millionaire sharing a bed with a teenage boy in a mansion that must have one other bedroom:

The "boner" pics people get so many giggles out of is just from seeing the characters say "boner." Sort of a silly thing to get giggles out of given that a)"boner" didn't mean erection as commonly back then and b)"boner" can even mean an error today.

So... Yeah. The boner pictures always just made me think of teenage boys giggling over a bad word. It's not quite as funny as the thong with Batman's teeth in it being held by Robin which, really, can be taken a wrong way out of context. Hell even in context it can't make much more sense.
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