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Re: The TNG Quiz

Let's see:

Time Squared (enterprise destroyed)
Cause and Effect (Enterprise shown exploding 4 times, but chronometers off by 17.4 days)
The Next Phase (believed dead)
Parallels (alternate reality death)
All Good Things... (on board present and future Enterprises when they explode)
ST: Generations (dies aboard crashed Enterprise saucer when Veridian star obliterates Veridian III)

So, ten times?


You could make the argument that Geordie is seemingly killed from the Ferengis point of view in "Peak Performance." You could also argue that the alternate Enterprise in "Yesterday's Enterprise" was about to explode and in any case that timeline was wiped out so that La Forge would also "die." In "Remember Me" from Beverly's point of view he ceases to exist. And in "Disaster" Ro argues that everyone in the stardrive section might be dead, which would include Geordie.
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