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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

The latest Netflix revivial rumor: Jericho!

I like this idea more than some of the previous candidates (Terra Nova, The River). Skeet Ulrich and Esai Morales are "at liberty." Lennie James may be, if Gotham isn't picked up. Can't remember who else they need to get back - Mayor Gray?

But I think they could recast a lot of the roles or just create new characters and continue where they left off, with an incipient civil war brewing. Kill off half the town in a huge attack to kick things off, and use that as an excuse for the missing characters.

Netflix has shown that it will open up the pocketbook for something it really wants. Arrested Development seemed on course to land at Showtime, until the streaming service swooped in and nabbed the cult fave comedy. In the case of Jericho, even CBS boss Leslie Moonves has hinted that it's a possibility. In February, Moonves revealed at an investor conference that CBS was in discussions with Netflix about potentially doing a show together and yes, it's believed he was referring to Jericho.
And if CBS and Netflix can play nice with one sci fi series revival, there's another one I can think of that should go next.
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